Commodities broker teaches next generation about farm marketing

A farm commodities broker says he spends a lot of time teaching the next generation of farmers about marketing.

Chris Atten with Galena, Illinois-based Atten-Babler Commodities tells Brownfield “That patriarch wants that generation to understand how marketing is so important to the operation, but make sure they’re properly trained so they have the confidence.”

Atten says many of the farmers he has taught are ready to delegate marketing responsibilities to the next generation, but they want to make sure they do it right. “Successful farms, they might not hit it every year but they know if they do a good job marketing, they know they’re going to stay in business.”

Atten says there’s no secret to successful farm marketing. “Having a plan, letting all of the decision makers outline a policy, and then having one person executing it” is key. He says, “Don’t execute by committee because as you know, three frogs can sit on a log and decide to jump, but no one jumps.”

Atten has instructed farmers across the country, and recently spoke to a Professional Dairy Producers Dairy Fest audience in Wisconsin.

Chris Atten from Atten Babler Commodities discusses teaching the next farm generation about marketing with Brownfield’s Larry Lee at the Professional Dairy Producers Dairy Fest

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