CNH Industrial launches new innovations at Agritechnica

CNH Industrial is introducing new ag technology this week at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany.

Dan Danford with their precision solutions group tells Brownfield they are excited to discuss two new universal data exchange platforms at the event: DataConnect, in partnership with John Deere, CLAAS and 365FarmNet; and Agrirouter, in partnership with DKE.

“We are the one and only OEM (Originally Equipment Manufacturer) that is a partner in both of these platforms so we are very excited about that and talking about our journey to try to become the most connected OEM globally.”

Danford says both platforms, set to release in 2020, will allow farmers to see data from all their machines, regardless of the brand, in the same place.

FPT Industrial, a part of CNH Industrial also launched a new hybrid tractor concept and the first series of natural gas engines at the event.

The N67 natural gas engine is designed for off-road applications and is compatible with compressed or liquified natural gas and biomethane. FPT Industrial says the engine has 10% lower CO2 emissions than diesel engines in field conditions. Now with the F28 natural gas engine, FPT industrial is the first to have low and mid-range natural gas engines for agriculture.

FPT Industrial and STEYR brands also have a jointly developed hybrid tractor concept. It includes a diesel engine with a compact 4.5 liter, four cylinder unit that works as an energy generator to charge batteries. The engine is disconnected from the wheels and four independent electric motors in the wheel hubs provide traction.

Interview with Dan Danford

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