Check on alfalfa coming out of dormancy

Scouting is important as alfalfa comes out of dormancy.

University of Minnesota Extension educator Nathan Drewitz says snow melt, ice sheeting, and heavy rains can take a toll in the early spring.

“If you’ve got some level of stubble coming up, typically we’re not too concerned about that. And with (ice) heaving, it’s really those fields where maybe we’ve seen a planting depth issue (or) maybe a first-year stand. And for the most part we’re not all that concerned about that yet, either.”

He tells Brownfield alfalfa stands should be assessed in the coming weeks.

“So we’re looking at stem counts, we’re looking at crown health, and we’re trying to make that assessment as to what we’re going to be getting from these stands as we move into the better part of the year.”

Drewitz says if there are large areas of winter kill, farmers will probably have to consider other options.

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