CDL requirement for agriculture – just a rumor

Not sure where it started, but John Porcari, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Transportation wants to be clear, anything you’ve heard or read about a commercial driver’s license going to be required for farm equipment is not true.

“Let me say this as bluntly as I can to the agricultural community, there is no new regulation coming down the pike requiring commercial driver’s licenses for operators of farm equipment,” said Porcari. There’s not any regulatory requirement coming down the road, it is a rumor that has kind of taken off on its own, I’d like to put that to rest.”

The Deputy Secretary told Brownfield what they have been doing is listen to the needs of the agricultural community, answer questions and make sure they are geared up for the future with whatever the future safety requirements are.

Porcari was at the Ohio State Fair on Tuesday, August 2, participating in the White House Rural Roundtable with USDA Under Secretary Edward Avalos.

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