Canada backs US in trade dispute with Mexico over GMO corn

Canada has joined the United States in dispute settlement consultations with Mexico over a decree that ban’s genetically modified corn.

In a statement Friday, Canada’s Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and International Trade Minister Mary Ng said they share concerns with the US that Mexico’s measures are not scientifically supported and could disrupt international markets.

The US Trade Representative requested consultations under the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) last week.

 The Canadian officials also said they are committed holding its trading partners accountable and a science-based approach to keep food, feed and the environment safe while supporting producers.

If consultations aren’t resolved within 75 days, the US and Canada can request a dispute settlement panel to decide the case.

  • Mexico does not have to buy GMO corn just because the US want to sell it. They have the right to buy what ever they want. If they fell that GMO corn is not safe that would be their right.

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