Bayer’s Short Stature Corn headed to commercial trials in 2023

Bayer has announced advancements of its Research and Development pipeline. 

Bob Reiter, head of research and development for Bayer says the company’s Short Stature Corn is headed to commercial trials in 2023 and calls it a game-changer.  “More standability and more standability translates to more yield potential for the farmer,” he says.  “So there’s direct impact of the standability of the crop for the farmer.”

He says it will be part of a larger system to help farmers optimize their input use.  “Change their fertility practices, their crop protection practices, their growing practices in terms of plant densities,” he says.  “And how they ultimately farm and sequester carbon on those same acres.”

Short Stature Corn is one-third shorter than standard-height corn hybrids and Bayer says the technology improves standability, providing better green snap and stalk lodging tolerance.  It also helps reduce crop loss from challenging environmental conditions and extreme weather like high winds. 

In 2023, 150 early-adopter growers will be able to try out the product through their groundbreakers’ trials ahead of the commercial launch which is set for 2024.  

Reiter made his comments during Bayer’s recent 2022 R&D Pipeline call.

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