Bayer Crop Science focused on climate challenges

The president of Bayer Crop Science says the challenges of COVID-19 confirm the company’s progress on sustainability and highlight what really

Liam Condon acknowledged the challenges of the pandemic at the Future of Farming Dialogue virtual event.

“I think it’s easy to forget that the biggest societal challenge we all are facing is not this virus, it’s actually climate change. And climate change hasn’t gone away. There are many stark reminders of this.”

Condon says Bayer is working on a pilot program to PAY farmers for carbon sequestration, “For their service for the eco-system, for example, for the amount of carbon that they sequester in the soil. So, this would open up a new income stream for farmers but it’s helping the planet at the same time.”

And, he says Bayer has launched a game changing short stature corn hybrid in Mexico, “This would have multiple benefits. One, of course, we would have reduced crop loss.” Condon says the short stature corn will be launched in many places in the coming years and will be a “game changer.”

Condon says Bayer’s goal is health for all and hunger for none.

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