BASF Showcase on weed management comes to central Iowa

A leading manufacturer of crop protection products is showcasing its weed management technology during a field day in central Iowa.

BASF is hosting a Showcase plot tour near Story City, and technical marketing manager Dan Waldstein says his focus is on residual herbicides.

“Let’s use residuals, they’re highly effective when we get them out pre. But we need to get them out post as well, and not wait necessarily for a big flush of weeds but just get out there and be proactive with applications.”

Speaking to Brownfield during the Showcase plot tour, he says herbicide resistance is most problematic with post chemistries.

“So we really want to preserve those, make sure they’re effective for this year and for years to come. And that’s why I think the residuals allow us to really target the weeds when they’re at their weakest stage.”

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