Automation assists DEKALB corn processing

Innovations in ag technology have been helping seed manufacturers improve efficiency and safety.

Matt Moyer, plant production lead for Bayer’s Corn Production Facility in Grinnell, Iowa, says automation has changed the game when it comes to processing seed. “Simply the ability to view our operation from a different lens, a different landscape, has been instrumental in the way that we produce seed on a daily basis.”

He tells Brownfield it’s enhanced the tracking of product. “We’re able to tie into our equipment and truly make sure it’s utilized and working in a way that we intend it to.”

Moyer says safety and quality control have also improved. “Ensuring that the equipment we’ve got is safe for all our operators and focusing on our customers and the quality of seed they expect from us.”

The Grinnell plant produces nearly two million seed units annually, 70% of which are for Bayer’s national DEKALB corn brand.

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