Arkansas farmer has been battling weather this growing season

An east-central Arkansas farmer says he’s expecting significant yield loss in his late-planted soybeans.

In fact, Derek Haigwood tells Brownfield he’ll be surprised if they make 30 bushels per acre.  But, that’s not his only concern.  “We’ve got the rest of July and August – it’ll be hot, dry and we’re worried about weed control,” he says.  “And spending the money on it until the beans are large enough to touch and shade out the middles.”

He says they’ve had two July rains, and that provides a little relief and an opportunity to focus on other issues.  “Spend some quality time walking fields, looking and trying to identify any other problem areas,” he says.  “Usually we’re so focused on getting it irrigated we might miss something.  So we’re trying to capitalize on this small little break and on Wednesday we’ll start our irrigation schedule again.”

Despite some weather challenges and delays this spring, Haigwood said they only had to replant about 90 acres of soybeans.

AUDIO: Derek Haigwood, Newport, Arkansas

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