Animal Ag Alliance encourages bringing consumers to the farm

A group supporting animal agriculture encourages farmers to do more to show consumers what really happens on the farm. 

Grace Platte with the Animal Agriculture Alliance tells Brownfield they want consumers to go to the farms and see first-hand where food comes from and how farmers care for animals. “Consumers, more than ever, are hungry to learn about where their food comes from and how our food makes it from farm to fork, and so we want to create more transparency to our consumers to show them that we as an industry, care about animal welfare more than anyone could.”

Platte says the alliance has protocols and measures for farms to follow to ensure everyone’s safety and to help prevent farms from becoming the target of activist groups.  She says farmers should also invite law enforcement to the farm to show how animals are cared for and review any animal welfare laws so everyone is prepared in the event of an activist incident. “Let them see what you do day in and day out and make sure the law enforcement understands that this is how you do things, this is your daily life, this is your living. Show them that you do care about sustainability and animal welfare.”

Platte says preparing for public events and fostering good relationships with the community helps build consumer trust and confidence in the farm.

Grace Platte with the Animal Ag Alliance discusses the importance of bringing consumers to the farm and preparing for activists with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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