Agronomist: there’s plenty of time to plant

Beck’s Agronomist Travis Coleman says growers shouldn’t be in a rush to plant if the conditions aren’t right.

“I know a lot of knee-jerk reactions are trying to get stuff planted. I know that a lot of soil conditions are right, but temperatures are cold,” he says.

He says Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) has shown that farmers have time to get crops in the ground.

“We’ve done a lot of research at Beck’s that says there’s still optimal planting windows into early May, and even into the middle part of May to get our corn and soybeans planted,” he says.

The company conducts PFR studies across several locations and shares the data with farmers.  

“PFR has expanded across the Midwest. We have a location in Atlanta, Indiana. We’re also in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and some of those states further West,” he says. “It’s where we test products and practices. There is a lot of new stuff coming out whether it’s planter attachments or new microbial products. It allows us to test it and give farmers some unbiased information on some field-scales bigger than maybe what some other research is doing.” 

Coleman is based in southern Indiana.

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