Agronomist says soy growers should think about planting date, fertility for ‘22

Advanced Agrilytics Agronomist Matthew Greenspan is urging soybean growers to make a plan for ’22 because of rising fertilizer prices.

“We’re going to try our best to not back down to the market when fertilizing going into the next year,” he says. “We are explaining to farmers that we have to try to source and get good buys and focus on replenishing and building so we can continue to have good yields.”

Planting date is another factor to consider. Greenspan says several growers he worked with planted soybeans earlier this year and “If their conditions are right, these soybeans made it through some of these late frosts. Once we get these final yields out of the field then we can go back on these notes we took early season and see, for example, four days after snow melted how did those soybeans get out of it with two trifoliate. Are we confident to go early again next year because those yields made a difference.”

Greenspan is based in Western Missouri.

Audio: Matthew Greenspan

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