Agronomist: continue to monitor fields, disease tolerant varieties  

A soybean lead and product agronomist with Seed Consultants says growers should continue to monitor fields throughout the growing season.

Matt Hutcheson tells Brownfield,” it’s important to scout fields. Get to know what’s going on out there, look for pests, make sure we’re on top of weed control so we don’t have competition from weeds, and monitor disease development. A lot of these concerns are weather dependent. For example, many diseases will prefer wet conditions so if we continue to get rain, diseases could be an issue. I would keep an eye on what the crops are doing.”

He says farmers should take note of which varieties are planted.

“Look at the different disease tolerances and when you’re scouting for disease, start on the varieties that are more susceptible to diseases you see on your farm every year,” he says. “Take a look at those fields first and work toward the varieties that are more tolerant. That’s usually a good plan of attack.”

Based in Ohio, Seed Consultants serves growers in the Eastern Corn Belt.  

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