Agronomist advises harvesting wet corn now

An agronomist says it’s time to harvest corn, even if it hasn’t dried down enough.  Scott Rowntree with Pioneer tells Brownfield the growing degree units won’t dry down the crop much after November 1st. “I could envision one to two points of drydown through the middle of the month of November, but once we get beyond November first, we really have some pretty slow drydown, so it’s time to get that crop out.”

Rowntree says running the grain dryer is probably the best option to ensure a quality crop and not leave bushels in the field. “You start to run into some issues where we get an increased development of ear molds, things like that. Stalk quality, particularly, you know, as winds pick up here in the late fall, just standability concerns as well, so I think it’s time to get it in the bin here.

Rowntree says take notes when harvesting to see where the high and low yields are, and plan for soil testing before the ground freezes.

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