Ag input prices, availability top of mind for farmers

The president of Indiana Farm Bureau says concerns about ag inputs in ’22 are overshadowing good yields in ’21.

Randy Kron grows corn and soybeans in Evansville.

“Most of Indiana has had a great growing season and excellent yields I’m hearing in most places. But, concerns next year are inputs—where are they going to come from, are they available, and the scary part is at what price.”

He says many farmers are worried about rising input prices and lack of availability.  

“I’m hearing 30-50 percent increases in prices of fertilizer and some herbicides and then the question is availability,” he says. “We don’t even know if it’s available.”

Kron says something will have to give.

“Even if we have excellent yields and $5 corn, the math is hard to add up right now to make corn pay off, so we’ll see what happens…hopefully prices can moderate and they can get the supply chain working a little bit better,” he says.

Brownfield spoke to Kron during the recent Regenerative Ag Forum hosted by the Conservation Cropping Systems Initiative.

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