Ag and environmental groups celebrate National Pollinator Week

Ag and environmental groups are using this week to bring awareness to pollinator health and the role pollinators play in the food system.

Lauren Lurkins is the Director of Environmental Policy at Illinois Farm Bureau. She tells Brownfield it is important to recognize the work farmers are doing to support pollinators.

“In the agricultural space and row crop production, we are finding a lot of places where habitat is either being added for the first time or it is being improved upon to be able to reflect the science that is happening as we learn more about how to protect certain species.”

She says farmers can continue to aid pollinators by being mindful of their management practices.

“If you are looking at mowing practices or the application of pesticide products along the side of a habitat, you want to do that at a time and in a manner that reduces the drift and ultimately the impact to the habitat.”

National Pollinator Week runs June 22nd -28th.

Interview with Lauren Lurkins

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