AFBF applauds White House plan for fairer, transparent cattle and poultry markets

The American Farm Bureau says President Biden’s plan to increase processing capacity is a good first step in creating a fairer industry for producers.

“It’s just really reassuring to see that this Administration sees these issues as a priority.”

Scott Bennet, the Director of Congressional Relations with AFBF says funding for small and medium-sized processors will create market opportunities for both processors and producers if the money is used effectively. “Those entities tend to buy from smaller producers and those producers that don’t have a contract with a large packing facility or they provide some level of custom packing that would be state or federally inspected – that’s where we’re going to see some return to the farm.”

And, he tells Brownfield, “We think it should be used to bring some of those plants into compliance with state and federal inspection so that the meat can be sold at the grocery store.  That’s really the only way we’re going to see a difference in the supply chain as far as the consumer’s concerned at the grocery store.” 

He also says the money will be useful to help with startup costs to get new plants online.

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