ACRE AgTech incubates innovation in Michigan

Ag startups are garnering speed and investors to solve the needs of farmers through innovation.

Doug Huesdash with ACRE AgTech tells Brownfield his group works as a matchmaker between innovators and the ag industry.

“We had learned from the ag community that they were often slow in adopting technology because they said nobody asked what they wanted.”

Huesdash says one issue they’re solving is protecting fruits and vegetables from wildlife.

“Unlike some of the technologies that try to scare birds away, this is actually a technology that disrupts a bird’s ability to navigate and communicate within their colleges and when they enter the zone that’s protected by the technology, they actually leave and go somewhere else to find their free food.”

Another technology Huesdash says is moving forward will separate golf balls from potato crops using machine learning imagery. 

ACRE AgTech is hosting a pitch event this week to help startups secure funding and find customers.

Brownfield interview at the Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable and Farm Market Expo

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