Indiana State Fair home to world’s largest popcorn ball

The World's Largest Popcorn Ball is on display at the 2013 Indiana State Fair.It’s the Year of Popcorn and to celebrate the Indiana State Fair created the World’s Largest Popcorn Ball.  The official weight of the popcorn ball, which is 8 feet in diameter, has a circumference of 24’9” is 6,510 pounds.

Mindy Reef, with the Indiana Family of Farmers, says the popcorn ball is a great way to reach out to consumers.  “Everyone knows what a popcorn ball is and being the “World’s Largest” is a huge draw no matter what it is,” she says.  “The popcorn ball helps people bridge a gap. Popcorn starts on the farm and this popcorn will be on display for a while and then will go right back to the farm and used to feed animals.”

In the end – the popcorn ball needed 977 pounds of popped popcorn; 1,113 pounds of mushroom-shaped popcorn kernels; and 5,534 pounds of caramel-like syrup to hold the popcorn ball together.

The ball will remain on display throughout the fair at the Ball State Agriculture/Horticulture Building.

AUDIO: Mindy Reef, Indiana Family of Farmers (2:30mp3)

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