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Milk futures, cash dairy fall Monday under expanded limits

April Class III milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange down 46 cents at $14.86.  May down 72 at $13.15.  June through August contracts 61 to 68 cents lower.

Dry whey steady at $0.33.

Blocks down $0.1525 at $1.4375.

Barrels down $0.04 at $1.30.  Six trades were made, with a range of $1.2950 to $1.30.

Butter $0.09 lower at $1.3975.

Nonfat dry milk down $0.0250 at $0.8950.  Thirty-one trades made, ranging $0.8725 to $0.8950.

  • Supply and demand means nothing in this country. Profits are the only thing that matter. And if your not a real big wheel then your not going to get to turn. Dairymen are constantly lied to,big and small! The real story will never be told! Just my opinion. The ones on the buying, hauling and processing side live good and the producers live like slaves. You could be getting a 90 lb average and making some money. You know what,? it cost a lot of money to maintain a 90 lb average. Greedy Bastards keep right on rolling!! JMO

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