Non-profit seeks to provide global resources to small, medium sized farmers in Ukraine

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A non-profit organization is leaning on U.S. farmers, agribusinesses and land grant universities to provide resources that can help small and medium sized farmers rebuild in Ukraine.

“These people are the least protected and they need our help again.”

Roman Grynyshyn with World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine tells Brownfield small and medium sized farms have been hardest hit by the war and in many cases have lost all of their resources.

“Little by little, they were destroying their households and production facilities of smaller and bigger farmers. Even people in the village citizens do farming.”

He says resources from land grant university extensions can help producers use new technology duirng the rebuilding process.

“Help them return what they have already gained. They have already build and constructed and what they know how to use. If you have small tractor and have been using it all your life, then you get the newest one with 500 horses and with all of the high-tech stuff, you won’t be able to utilize that.”

Grynyshyn says he’s been visiting universities across the century, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“We are speaking only about support that’s only needed for this amount of acreage they farm and for this amount of labor that they have within the family because all of the family is involved.”

The “World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine” is a non-profit organization that’s meeting with farmers, agribusinesses and land grant university extensions in the U.S. to provide resources for producers.

Roman Grynyshyn:

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