Milder weather forecast to return to the Heartland

The coldest air of the season is overspreading the eastern half of the U.S. Weekend freeze warnings have been issued from parts of the central and southern Plains into portions of Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama. Additional freeze warnings may be required in the Southeast early next week. As cold air arrives, rain will change… Read more »

A colder pattern gets underway

Across the Corn Belt, near-normal temperatures are arriving in the wake of a cold front’s passage. Dry, breezy weather favors a limited return to fieldwork, although clouds and a few showers linger in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. On the Plains, Freeze Warnings were in effect early Wednesday across portions of Kansas and eastern… Read more »

A wetter pattern ahead for the eastern Corn Belt

By week’s end, the coldest air of the season will invade the eastern half of the U.S. At the same time, cool air will arrive in the West, leaving a narrow ribbon of warmth across the nation’s mid-section. The Eastern cold snap will be short-lived, as temperatures will begin to rebound early next week. Showers… Read more »

Late-season warmth for parts of the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, rain showers and a few thunderstorms are affecting northern corn and soybean production areas. Autumn fieldwork, with the exception of upper Midwestern soybean harvesting, remains behind schedule due to late crop maturation and the lingering effects of early- to mid-October downpours. On the Plains, cooler air is arriving across Montana and… Read more »

A change in weather ahead

During the early- to mid-week period, a fast-moving cold front will generate scattered showers from the nation’s mid-section into the eastern U.S. Rainfall across the eastern half of the U.S. will total mostly an inch or less. Farther west, two round of significant precipitation will overspread the Pacific Northwest, where 5-day totals could reach 2… Read more »

Harvest delays apparent

Across the Corn Belt, cloudy, showery, chilly weather is hampering fieldwork in the lower Great Lakes region. In contrast, warm, dry weather prevails in the western Corn Belt. On October 19, the corn harvest ranged from 9 to 34 percentage points behind the respective 5-year state averages in the Corn Belt, while the soybean harvest… Read more »

Wet weather to return to the upper Midwest

Cool conditions will linger across the eastern one-third of the U.S. during the next several days, but late-season warmth will continue from the Pacific Coast to the Plains. During the weekend, cooler air will begin to overspread the West, while mild weather will return to the East. Mostly dry weather will prevail in many parts… Read more »

Favorable harvest weather in many areas

Across the Corn Belt, scattered showers associated with a cold front are slowing fieldwork in the Ohio Valley and the lower Great Lakes region. Elsewhere in the Midwest, dry weather favors corn and soybean dry down and harvesting. Conditions for harvest are especially favorable across the upper Midwest. On the Plains, warm, dry weather is… Read more »

A mild, largely dry pattern ahead

Heavy showers associated with Tropical Storm Ana will linger Monday across the western Hawaiian Islands. Meanwhile on the U.S. mainland, mild, dry weather will cover many areas through week’s end, although generally cool conditions will dominate the eastern one-third of the nation. The warmest weather, relative to normal, will cover the northern Plains, where temperatures… Read more »

A drier pattern for the Heartland

A slow-moving cold front will provide the focus for locally heavy, early- to mid-week rainfall across portions of the East and Midwest. Heavy rain will continue in the Northeast through Thursday, while scattered showers will linger through week’s end from the Great Lakes region to the northern and central Appalachians. Five-day rainfall totals could reach… Read more »