Deciding on solar power for the farm

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Jerry McBride who farms 30 miles east of Lima, Ohio started thinking about alternative power when he started looking at his electric bills. Usage hadn’t gone up all that much, but the price he was paying for electricity seemed to go up almost every year. As a way to reduce his electricity cost, Jerry started… Read more »

Making the switch to solar power

Enterprise Hill Farm at Norwalk, Ohio is making the switch to solar power. “Well long term I think it has a better chance of working out than wind because like the last few days that were high electric use days, the wind wasn’t blowing,” said Kurt Heyman with Enterprise Hill Farm. “There’s less moving parts… Read more »

Nebraska project focuses on alternative energy

Developing alternative energy sources for rural Nebraska—that’s the goal of a new project based at the Haskell Ag Lab near Concord in northeast Nebraska. The project is called “Sustainable Energy Options for Rural Nebraska.”  UNL irrigation specialist Bill Kranz is one of the researchers on the project.  He says one of their efforts will involve… Read more »

Good time for solar

Brad Collins, Executive Director, American Solar Energy Society says it’s a good time for solar. What makes it a good time? Brad shares the keys to moving foward in a conversation with Dave Russell. AUDIO: Brad Collins, Exec. Director, American Solar Energy Society (5:05 MP3)