Horse industry works to engage newcomers

time to rideThe American Horse Council’s “Time to Ride” campaign is designed to reinvigorate horseback riding in the U.S.

As part of that program, that organization is conducting a “100 Day Horse Challenge”, an aggressive grassroots effort designed to engage 100-thousand new people with horses in a 100-day period.   It challenges stables, horse clubs, and other organizations and individuals to reach out to newcomers and allow them to experience horses.

We discussed the program with Patti Colbert, marketing manager for the American Horse Council.

AUDIO: Pattie Colbert (3:00 MP3)

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I think this is the very appriciable initiative by American House Council to save American horse industry.


If the American Horse Council wants to save the American horse industry, their first big step should be to cut their relationship with the Humane Society of United States!

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