FMC launches new herbicide

Matt Hancock FMC Corn Segment Manager

Matt Hancock
FMC Corn Segment Manager

FMC launched Solstice herbicide during the 2014 Commodity Classic. Matt Hancock, FMC Corn Segment Manager tells Brownfield the new herbicide is two modes of action: a PPO inhibitor and HPPD. Hancock said the chemistries in Solstice will capture escapes and lengthen life of residual weed control.

Hancock encourages farmers to think in terms of the whole system. Starting and staying clean through the year and managing the weed seed bank are crucial. He said cutting any corners this year will impact how you farm next year.

Hancock reminds farmers to always keep their guard up on weeds like Waterhemp and Palmer Amaranth.

AUDIO: Conversation with Matt Hancock (2:30 min. mp3)


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