Cow carcasses washing ashore in Denmark, Sweden

Officials in Denmark and Sweden are trying to find out who dumped some cows into the Kiel Canal. Since December 29th, a dozen dead cows have washed ashore, three in Denmark and nine in Sweden. The cows, all Holsteins had their back legs tied together and any identification tags cut off. Autopsies in Sweden show at least two of the cows were killed with a bolt.

Police think the cows were dumped from a ship, using the canal to go from the North Sea to the Baltic. Around 100 ships use the canal per day and 20 percent of them carry animals but only a couple of ships carrying animals used the waterway during the time in question. One spotter reported a ship with several decks of cows in the channel between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The Baltic Sea is a protected environmental zone and dumping is not allowed.

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