Nebraska ranching picture looks brighter

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is holding a series of “Ranching for Profitability” workshops in January. 

Drought has been a big issue for Nebraska ranchers, especially the past couple of years.  But Extension Educator Aaron Berger says the outlook is much brighter heading in 2014.

“We have, in many cases, a full soil-moisture profile and we haven’t seen that for—oh, I don’t know—8-10 years, where we’ve got moisture down 3-4 feet and the profile’s full,” Berger says.  “So that’s really an encouraging position to be in—cool season grasses got a start this fall and we’re looking to set ourselves in a position where at least we’re going to have a good start to the growing season next year with that soil moisture there.”

One of main topics at the workshops is the economics of restocking the ranch.

“Looking at what we might do, either buying bred females, keeping replacement heifers—or maybe also looking at just keeping some calves back and backgrounding those to take advantage of some grass we’re going to have available—versus going out and buying some bred females to take and utilize that forage,” Berger says.

The workshops are being held at eight locations in central and western Nebraska.  Click here or contact your local Extension office for more details.

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