Navy Secretary: New era in biofuels use

The U.S. Navy will begin making biofuel blends part of its regular, operational fuel purchases. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus made the announcement with U.S.  Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack Wednesday. Mabus says biofuel blends from 10 percent to 50 percent will be sought for jet engine and marine diesel fuels and USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds will help support that effort.

Mabus says, “This effort marks the start of a new normal where drop-in biofuels will be fully integrated with our regular fuel operations.”

Ag Secretary Vilsack says it’s part of USDA’s Farm to Fleet initiative and a way to grow markets for biofuels. With the EPA now taking comments on reduced mandatory use of renewable fuels for the nation’s transportation vehicles, Vilsack told reporters – the USDA’s efforts to grow opportunities for renewable fuels continue, “In the meantime we are going to continue to press forward with an aggressive effort to grow this industry in as many ways as we possibly can. The Navy’s one way, commercial aviation is one way, expanding distribution opportunities for higher blends is yet another way.”  Vilsack says the Navy’s commitment to using more biofuels will help support jobs and economic growth in Rural America.

AUDIO: Conference Call with Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack and Naval Secretary Ray Mabus (25:00 mp3)

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