Indiana Senators propose farm legislation

Indiana Senators Dan Coats and Joe Donnelly introduced the Farming Flexibility Act of 2013 today (Wednesday). The Farm Flex legislation would permanently implement a current pilot program that allows farmers to voluntarily forgo federal subsidies and opt out of restrictions on fruit and vegetable crop production so they can produce specialty crops to meet growing market demands.

Coats says the bill is a win for Hoosier farmers and American tax payers. “Our legislation would provide farmers the flexibility they need to respond to market signals when making planting decisions, rather than be restricted by federal rules to grow a particular crop,” he says.

Donnelly calls it common sense legislation. “I fought for the inclusion of the Farm Flex program in the 2008 Farm Bill, and as a member of the Senate Ag Committee, I look forward to working on a five-year farm bill that gives Indiana’s rural communities the certainty they deserve,” he says.

AUDIO: Joe Donnelly, Farm Flex Act (3:00mp3)

The Coats-Donnelly legislation would extend the program to all 50 states.

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jon cooksey

The farming flexibility act of 2013 sounds great however, we need to allow undercover investigators particularly to go into the large large farming operations and detect animal abuse. We need to legislate this, we need to fight this, and we need to lock these people up that are abusing animals and torturing them on these large corporate farms. They need to be punished.

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