Meteorologist foresees ‘global cooling’ trend

It seems that nearly everyone is jumping on the “global warming/climate change” bandwagon these days.

But there are still a few skeptics out there. 

One of them is Art Douglas, weather consultant and professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at Creighton University.   During his presentation at the recent CattleFax Market Outlook session in Tampa, Florida, Douglas talked about the “tremendous recovery in the amount of sea ice in the Arctic” that he has observed in recent months.  He also points to reduced sunspot activity, which Douglas believes could actually lead to “global cooling”. 

“It’s going to take us probably about two to three decades to really start seeing global cooling associated with this decrease in sunspots,” Douglas said.

“What this really tells us is we’re looking at regional climate anomalies,” Douglas continued “We’re not looking at human-induced.”

Douglas’ comments drew applause from many of the cattlemen in attendance.

AUDIO: Excerpt from Art Douglas’ presentation on 2/8/13 (2:41 MP3)

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One Comment

Wiley Wayne

The ocean stores a tremendous amount of heat. It takes hundreds of years to cool down. So, we might see rising sea levels for another 50 years after the cooling takes hold to level out, stop and then reverse that rise in sea levels. Meantime, glaciation would resume ahead of the sea level rise. This is just my take on the subject as I see it now. Would appreciate a more expert appraisal of this.

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