T Series Soybeans launched by DuPont Pioneer®

DuPont Pioneer® has launched its next generation T Series Soybeans — 39 new products. Don Schafer, DuPont Pioneer senior marketing manager for soybeans, says it’s the company’s largest single-year introduction of new soybean products.  Schafer told reporters, “All of these products have been bred using Pioneer’s proprietary Accelerated Yield Technology (AYT™) process that helps pinpoint native trait genes for increased defensive trait protection, improved pest resistance, targeted agronomic traits, and, greater yields.”

The new series succeeds Pioneer’s Y Series soybeans which will be phased out but remain available as long as there’s market demand.Thirty-four of the new T varieties contain the Roundup Ready gene.  Schafer says, “The RoundUp Ready one gene that we utilize is a proven technology in the marketplace. The glyphosate trait that is in the Genuity RoundUp Ready II Yield products and the glyphosate trait that is in Pioneer brand RoundUp Ready 1, with the original trait, is the same gene.”

Thirty-two of the products are also soybean cyst nematode (SCN) resistant. There are two new varieties of Plenish high oleic varieties, five new products with the LibertyLink gene and two new varieties with the Roundup Ready/STS stack.

Schafer tells reporters the T in the series stands for “technology, trust, and tested“, He adds, “The impact trials we use – we have hundreds of those across North America on grower’s farms, testing on their locations, under their environments, under their field conditions.”

The Dupont Pioneer T Series soybean varieties will have the letter T in the middle of the product number. They will be available this year but Schafer says growers can expect “very large volumes” in 2014.

AUDIO: Jerry Harrington, Don Schafer, Jessica Alt (18:00 mp3)

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