Drought Mitigation Center says wx uncertain

He can’t say when or if we’ll get normal precipitation this winter, but Brian Fuchs with the National Drought Mitigation Center, says there’s a good chance for colder air this weekend, following record high temperatures in some areas.

“It looks like toward the end of this week we’re going to see one of the first big pushes of cold air that’s going to break down out of Canada,” Fuch tells Brownfield.

Fuchs says there’s no clear, established weather pattern that has set in so the recharge of soil moisture in farm country is still in question as the drought spreads.

“We have seen drought continuing to expand and also to intensify more into the central Rockies and western portions of the U.S. We have picked up some rainfall in the Eastern Corn Belt in the Ohio River Valley up into portions of Illinois,” says Fuchs. Fuchs adds the snow season, which starts on October 1st in the Rocky Mountains, has been quiet so far.

AUDIO: Brian Fuchs (8:00 mp3)

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