Iowa grower says no-till is the way to go

In areas of drought, the practice of no-till has the upper hand. Laura Foell, a soybean grower in Schaller, in northwest Iowa, runs a no-till operation with her husband. She tells Brownfield Ag News, “As long as we do less tillage we’re at least keeping the moisture where it needs to stay.”

In fact, she says that’s a recommendation for all farmers in dry areas, “I think the farmers know that every year is different and our crop specialists from Iowa State University are recommending that you do minimum tillage this fall in order to keep the moisture where it needs to be.”

They got a couple of inches of rain in August and an inch of rain in late October, “Our tiles are still not running. We do not have a full profile of moisture which, last fall, we were getting pretty close to having a full profile. So, we’re behind last year.”

Harvest is nearly complete in Foell’s area and she tells Brownfield that some farmers are getting lower yields than they expected while others have been pleasantly surprised.

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