Novozymes and Syngenta announce Taegro®

Novozymes and Syngenta have announced a new bio-fungicide. Taegro® is the result of collaboration between the global bio-innovator and the global ag company.

Trevor Thiessen is president of the Bio Ag division of Novozymes says working with Syngenta is a big plus.

“Their expertise and their ability to do large and extensive field trials in crops like corn and wheat and soy, is just something that we didn’t have as a company,” Thiessen tells Brownfield Ag News, “So, we can work with them to look at the best rates, the best formulations and the combinations with existing products to find a way to get those products onto the market in the broad-acre crops that we know and love in the Midwest.”

Taegro is now available for fruit and vegetable crops and Thiessen says they will be conducting trials for its use in combination with other products for corn, soybean, and wheat applications in the coming year.

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