Iowa Farm Bureau plans tax webinar

Iowa Farm Bureau will host an online farm income tax webinar on November 9th.

Farm Bureau commodity services manager Ed Kordick says it’s an opportunity for farmers to learn more about  tax planning, farm tax changes, bonus depreciation and more. 

Kordick says some of the big questions this year involve crop insurance and deferred income.

“Crop insurance will be a major part of a lot of our farmers’ income this year,” Kordick says. “So how do I defer part of that in my tax planning—what can I defer?

“There will be some pretty big indemnities out there that will really keep people farming, which is a great risk management strategy—but how we handle that tax-wise will be very important.”

The webinar takes place Friday, November 9th from 1-3 p.m.  It is free and open to all farmers.  You’ll find more details at on the Iowa Farm Bureau web site.

AUDIO: Ed Kordick (4:47 MP3)


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