Pod Patrol serves as teaching tool

Students in the Logan Elm FFA at Circleville, Ohio had the opportunity recently to learn about Monsanto’s advanced soybean technology.

Logan Elm FFA advisor Bret King says the “Pod Patrol” event provided his students with a unique learning experience.

“The chance for them to get into the soybean field and look to see what was going on,” said King. “And learn about what the scientists are doing behind the scenes in trying to develop these soybean varieties that produce higher yields on fewer acres.”

King says they’ll also be able to incorporate some of what they learned in the field into their curriculum.

“It’s something that as we get further into the year when we talk about some of this we can refer back to it and say, this is what we were looking at, this is what we’re doing,” King said. “They gave us some worksheets that we could take back to the classroom and put it into practice, based on what they are doing.”

Audio: Bret King, Advisor, Logan Elm FFA (4:40 mp3)

Dave Klamforth, Technical Agronomist for Channel Seed Brand said it was good opportunity for the industry to share with students at Logan Elm information about the Genuity Roundup Ready 2 Yield soybeans and what they offer farmers.

“We were showing them some of the things to look for as far as plant uniformity, plant height and standability, but the main thing we wanted to focus in on was the number of pods, ” Klamforth said. “So we had them pick those plants apart and count the number of two bean pods, three bean pods, four bean pods, so we could get some ideas on yield potential and just where that grain was located on those plants.”

Audio: Dave Klamforth, Technical Agronomist, Channel Brand Seeds (4:05 mp3)

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