Graham on energy bill future

Criticized by some fellow Republicans for working with Democrats on key issues, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said this week that the GOP should look for ways to work with President Obama on an energy bill that doesn’t include cap and trade.

Graham told WVOC in South Carolina that if the GOP regains power in the House and gets close in the Senate following next week’s elections, then spending restraints and government reform should be sought. But he said Republicans should not become the “party of no” on tough problems like Social Security and energy policy.

Graham withdrew his support of a bipartisan climate and energy bill earlier this year that he’d been working on with Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman that reportedly had dropped cap and trade provisions.

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One Comment

Gary Erickson

Obama has already spoken – if you disagree with this, guy you will be considered an enemy (ie; as he said the other day whoever does not agree with his amnesty under another name program is an enemy) Obama is bad as cap and trade is a sham!

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