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Ohio ag groups strike deal with HSUS

Reports out of Columbus, Ohio late Wednesday afternoon indicate that Ohio’s governor, the state’s ag and livestock organizations and the Humane Society of the United States have struck a deal in order to avoid another nasty ballot initiative fight this fall.

According to those reports, the agreement would, among other things, require the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board to ban veal crates by 2017—to ban new gestation crates at the end of the year, and to ban all gestation crate usage by the year 2025—and to implement a moratorium on permits for new battery cage confinement facilities for laying hens. 

The agreement apparently requires approval by the Ohio legislature before it becomes official.

Link to article on Columbus Dispatch web site

Link to HSUS news release

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Some animal agriculture practices could use being updated, but what HSUS is forgetting is that farmers treat their animals better than they treat themselves. More money is paid to the local vet than to the family doctor, and they feed the animals and water them before they worry about themselves. My attempting to micro-manage the farmer through government regulations and ballot initiatives, HSUS is putting the small farmer out of business because they won’t be able to afford to make all these changes, and the small farmers are the ones who work very hard to take good care of their animals.
HSUS needs to be stopped because they want to stop animal agriculture! HSUS is in no way associated with your local Humane Society. They do not give any money to the shelters to help promote spaying and neutering, and adopting animals out. The were behind the legislation that banned horse slaughter in the United States, and since that has passed equine abuse has doubled. Horses are getting dumped off in National Parks, people cannot afford to feed their horses in this terrible economy, and they cannot sell them. So instead of having them HUMANELY killed in slaughter and have their meat used for something useful. They are suffering and starving to death.
If your goal is to have meat and potatoes with only the potatoes continue to support HSUS.

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