Heat to expand into the western Corn Belt by early next week

Scorching heat will continue into next week across Texas and neighboring areas, including the western Gulf Coast region.  By early next week, high temperatures could reach 110 to 115°F or higher in parts of western and southern Texas.  Heat will also spread northward across the nation’s mid-section, with temperatures possibly reaching 100°F by Monday as far north as South Dakota.  Heat in the western Corn Belt could significantly increase stress on corn and soybeans, especially where drought exists.

In fact, 5-day Midwestern rainfall totals will be mostly one-half inch or less, except in a few locations across the southern and western Corn Belt.  In contrast, 5-day Southeastern rainfall totals could reach 2 to 6 inches, while showers across the central Plains should end during the weekend.

Elsewhere, mostly dry weather will prevail into next week from California to the western Gulf Coast region.  

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