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Lasting through the middle of the week, another powerful Pacific storm system will batter northern and central California and the western Great Basin with flooding, high-elevation snow, and potentially damaging winds.  Rain and melting snow could lead to additional pressure on levees and dams.  Meanwhile, cooler air settling into the South could result in frost and sub-freezing temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings as far south as central sections of Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, as well as portions of the Carolinas.  The cold Southeastern weather could burn back winter grains and injure blooming fruits.  Farther north, early- to mid-week snow accumulations should become substantial from upstate New York and northeastern Pennsylvania into southern New England.  High winds accompanying the snow could result in power outages.  During the second half of the week, a new storm system will take shape across the nation’s midsection, with snow spreading from the central Plains into the upper Great Lakes region and rain falling across the South.  Across the central and eastern U.S., a new surge of cold air will trail that storm. 

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