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US Wheat – we need farm bill this year

U.S. Wheat Associates tells Brownfield it’s very important to them that a farm bill passes this year. As of September 30th, funding ended for the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program, as vice chairman Doug Goyings explains, “We have no funding coming from FMD right now. And even if they extend the farm bill we won’t get any funding unless they make a special provision because that was one of those line items that got eliminated because it was too low of a value.”

Goyings, an Ohio wheat grower, told Brownfield at the recent NAFB Convention that the USDA had a little extra money left over so, luckily, it was enough to fund the FMD program until about the end of this year, “After the end of the year we have nothing to pay our overseas offices.” Goyings tells Brownfield they’re optimistic that there WILL be a farm bill before the year ends.

AUDIO: Interview with Doug Goyings ~


  • our farm bills aren’t that crucial, and as in all articles before there is very little information in this article about what would be in the farm bill. All ” Farmers” would be so much better off if congress let this whole thing expire and allow the farm bill revert back to the original one. Settling this tariff dispute is much more important. Also dissolving the USDA statistics division would greatly aid individual farmers where the market would trade on actual supply and demand, not invented figures and this meant to catch up over years past.

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