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Seed company president bullish on agriculture

Myron Stine, President of Stine Seed Company is optimistic about agriculture.  Despite the depressed farm economy, Stine said growers he’s talked with at the 2017 Farm Progress Show are upbeat and looking for ways to diversify to deal with those challenges.

Stine tells Brownfield that although many of the new technologies in agriculture won’t pan out, many of them will help producers get better yields.  Stine Seed is a breeding company that produces genetics so Stine says he is very excited about the new and different germplasm in their corn program and the emergence of new soybean trait platforms.  He says when all are approved, it will open up greater value and so much more choice for the farmer.

As for farmers visiting the Stine Seed Company exhibit at Farm Progress Show, Stine’s hope is that they walk away with an understanding that there are companies like Stine out there working very hard every day to develop new genetics for them for the future.

“Sometimes things might look a little bleak,” said Stine, “but progress prevails and ten years from now we’re going to look back and say well, that happened, but look at where we are today.”

Conversation with Myron Stine:

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