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SCHMACON: ‘Beef’s answer to bacon’

Slice-of-Schmacon-2[1]A new beef product called SCHMACON will be hitting the market over the next 6 months. 

SCHMACON, which is being called “beef’s answer to bacon”, is smoked, cured and glazed slices of beef that closely resemble pork bacon in both appearance and texture.

SCHMACON was developed by Howard Bender, president and CEO of Schmaltz Deli of Naperville, Illinois. Bender was at the recent Cattle Industry Convention in Tampa, touting his new product to cattle producers and the media.

Brownfield talked to Bender about SCHMACON, and his hopes and dreams for the new product.

AUDIO: Howard Bender (6:23 MP3)

  • We are really excited about this product! Neither one of us eat pork and have been having our butcher shop make us beef bacon out of our own butchered beef. Unfortunately, our butcher shop closed 4 years ago and we now have to eat turkey bacon, which is no good, since we can’t find a new butcher shop that knows how to make the beef bacon. Am really anxious to see this product finally starting to come out. I told my husband i think you are all about a day late and dollar short, cuz it should have been done years ago, in my opinion! But, better late than never, right!? Hope you are making several different kinds, not all peppered, cuz that won’t go over as well as just straight bacon. People tend to like to flavor their own meat. And I for one don’t want to start my day out with pepper. Anyway, figured you may as well get it right as long as you finally got around to it!! Beef sausage is also something we have made up, it’s way better than pork sausage any day!! Keep up the good work but just maybe get some faster thinkers in your group!!

  • Mr Bender. When I was a Kid growing up in Zion Illinois we had 6 or 7 stores with ‘Beef Bacon’. Sabine’s, Marshall’s, Mintern’s, Lee’s, Leach’s, Roush’s, (Salem’s Food Mart), and ?, which were all small private grocery stores. Then there were the two Big guys, A & P and National. ALL of these stores are gone.!!!

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