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Genuity VT Double PRO technology ‘you can see’

Phil Gastler was anxious to switch from a corn head to a soybean head so that he could see just how well his soybean crop was doing. “I hope my anticipation doesn’t lead to disappointment, because [the soybeans] look awfully good,” said Gastler, maneuvering the combine around end rows of corn. “Some of the early yield reports have been really good, so I hope the beans are as good as they look.” Some of that Gastler planted last spring has insect protection in the seed. “This year we tried the new [Genuity] VT Double PRO Corn, which has earworm control, and we’re very pleased with that,” said Gastler. “ That looks like a technology that’s going to pay off really good and it’s one that you can visually see and tell that it’s working right up front.”

AUDIO: Phil Gastler (4 min. MP3)

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