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Every crop year is unique

Every year has its own challenges.  That, according to David Thompson, National Sales & Marketing Director for Stine Seed Company. For example, he tells Brownfield, most years early planting of corn is the right thing to do, but not so this year.

There were more weedy soybean fields this year than in the past.  Thompson tells Brownfield those weeds make the case for using a solid pre-emergence foundation herbicide, using more than one mode of action, and making sure application is timely.   Like a recipe, Thompson tells Brownfield, you can’t leave one thing out and expect the recipe to turn out right.

During the recent farm shows, Stine Seed growers is higher population planting in corn and moving to narrower rows.  Thompson encourages growers to think about their population and what the newest genetics on the market will offer.

Stine, said Thompson, is in a unique position as a company because it has access to all the different soybean trait platforms that are or will be out there.  Thompson said they ask the farmer how they want to farm, and then work to find the solution that best fits.

Conversation with David Thompson:


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