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Animal protection group promotes ‘enriched’ group housing of sows

Sarah Ison is a global farm animal advisor with the organization called World Animal Protection. She was at World Pork Expo to promote enriched group housing of sows.

In an interview with Brownfield, Ison stressed that her group is not an “animal rights” group.

“We are not a vegan or vegetarian organization. We don’t want to end animal agriculture,” Ison says. “We want to help improve the lives of animals globally…to try to bring up the overall standard of welfare for animals.

“I think producers do such a great job of ensuring the physical well-bring of pigs and the health all those different things,” she says. “But I think where it falls a bit short is the behavioral and mental well-being. So providing the pigs with the opportunity to behave as a pig does.”

AUDIO: Sarah Ison

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