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AeroVironment’s out-of-the-box drone for agriculture

An aeronautical engineering company has developed an “out of box” drone system for agriculture.

Mark DeFau with California-based AeroVironment tells Brownfield Ag News the system includes a unique hybrid drone, “It takes off and lands vertically like a quad-copter. However, at altitude it transitions to a horizontal flying airplane which is a very efficient form of flight, obviously. And, we get huge coverage areas. So, we get the benefits of both worlds.”

DeFau tells Brownfield the return on investment on this drone system is in time and efficiency compared with others, “You’re talking about seeing 100% of your field and locating areas where you need to go walk because you know there’s a problem there. And, then you can ground-truth that problem immediately and have that information back to your farm manager and create actionable intelligence very quickly.” He says the drone system includes analytics and there is nothing else to purchase.

Audio: Interview with Mark DeFau at 2017 Commodity Classic:


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