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About Best of Voice of Soy:
Best of Voice of Soy is excerpts from the very best episodes of the weekly Voice of Soy radio program and podcast. Brought to you by the Ohio Soybean Farmers and their check off dollars.

Best of 2023 Voice of Soy Episodes:
1. Week One - Staying ahead of problematic weeds
2. Week Two - Understanding the issues that matter 
3. Week Three- Farmers were faced with significant challenges in 2022 
4. Week Four- Checkoff dollars are being invested to bolster poultry exports 
5. Week Five- The important role of collaboration 
6. Week Six- Connecting students with modern agriculture 

Best of 2022 Voice of Soy Episodes:
1. Week One - The battle against yield-robbing pests
2. Week Two - Understanding an emerging soybean pest
3. Week Three - Programs that promote research and education
4. Week Four - Creating innovative and sustainable solutions
5. Week Five - Increasing demand for soybeans and improving food security
6. Week Six - Aquaculture: a growing demand opportunity for soybeans

Voice of Soy TV:
- Watch the full conversation with Airable Research Lab.
- Watch the full conversation about e-fields and soil health.
- Watch the full conversation about Soy Excellence Centers.

Ohio Soybean

May 9, 2022

Best of Voice of Soy: The battle against yield-robbing pests

May 3, 2022

Developing educational resources for farmers

April 26, 2022

Pooling resources to benefit Ohio soybean farmers

April 19, 2022

Investing checkoff dollars to bolster poultry exports

April 12, 2022

The Future State of Soy

April 5, 2022

Better understanding carbon markets

March 29, 2022

Teaching students more about modern agriculture

March 22, 2022

Remote sensing for cover crop monitoring

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