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Nebraska cattle feeder Mike Drinnin: ‘We’ve got to take back our industry’

Mike Drinnin is a cattle feeder from Clarks, Nebraska and immediate past president of the Nebraska Cattlemen’s organization.

In this interview with Brownfield, Drinnin discusses challenges facing his operation, and the cattle industry in general, in light of recent events.

Audio: Mike Drinnin

  • stop forward contracting cattle over a week ahead so you can shut the supply down anytime the price drops below $125..00
    the amount of frozen beef in storage is 473978000 lbs. less than 6 quarter pounders per person.. pork 615674000 lbs. less than 2lbs. per person. chicken and turkey few ducks 1324828000 lbs . 4 lbs per person. our food supplies are like peoples money, pay checks or less week to week. we can can control our prices with a little discipline. we’ve been fed this line so many pounds in storage ,but when you divide it by the number people it doesn’t add up to over a weeks supply of food you add a little panic buying in and see what you get.

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